"We are the very happy owners of a 2010 Lavey Craft 2750 NuEra, which gets plenty of attention, considering we are in the Northeast where most people have never heard of Lavey Craft. Our particular boat is unique among Lavey Craft 2750’s in that I believe it is the only one that was constructed with Kevlar/Carbon Fiber by Chris and Jeff. Some of the pictures I have show this. The boat was originally built with a 1000 HP supercharged engine and had a top speed of over 100 MPH. The boat today is powered by a 675 HP 540 cubic inch fuel injected engine with an Imco SC drive and easily runs 84 MPH.

We have owned the boat since November 2013 and could not be happier with it. It is extremely well built, very fast for the power and has superb manners on the water regardless of conditions.

I did a LOT of research before purchasing this boat and it was on my very short list of custom built performance boats in its class. I have owned prominent brands such as Donzi, Cigarette, Baja and Sleekcraft, and I am someone who is far more intimate with the construction techniques and build quality of the boats, as I have owned many compared to the average person. I can tell you that my Lavey Craft 2750 is at the very top of my list by any measure."

Paul & Alicia, MA


"For at least three good reasons, Lavey Craft boats are among the most coveted. First and foremost, they perform. Lavey Craft's V-bottoms and catamarans are efficient, they make the most of supplied power, and generally handle well. Second, their build quality is impeccable, a testament to the company. Third, Lavey Craft boats, to a model, embody the West Coast custom aesthetic of low-profile lines and explosive in-gelcoat graphics. They don't just look the part, they're the real thing." Powerboat Magazine, August 2004


"Our team tested these doors at Camp RZR and found them to be the highest quality door on the market. After duning hard, we couldn't find one complaint. Lavey Craft Motorsports has years of fiberglass and gel coat experience, and it shows in the high quality product they have brought to the SXS market."

West Coast Xtreme Sports