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XCS/Closed Bow OR

XTSKi/Walk-Through Open Bow

  • Hull design: ventilated step V or deep V
  • Overall/Centerline length: 22' 8"/21'
  • Beam: 7' 4"
  • Standard fuel capacity: 50 gallons
  • Single engine
  • Approximate weight with engine and trailer: 4,850 lbs
  • In production since 1994
"This boat is designed for the big family, or a lot of people to ski. And it's not designed to put on the trailer when the water gets a little rough."
"It's infinitely more versatile than a tournament boat. While offering up a wake that will suit the needs of even the most serious recreational slalom enthusiast, the Lavey's performance attributes are far superior to anything direct-driven."

Hot Boat Magazine, May 1994

The same XTSKI model that left a trail of impressed evaluators in its wake at last year's tests swept this year's balloting as Bowrider of the Year. Lavey continues to forge ground in its emergence as one of custom boating's elite builders, and the snappy XTSKI is prime evidence. They juice the mix with a fountain of fresh design ideas in the creation of one of the industry's most appealing all-around family boats.
Flawless workmanship, outstanding gelcoat and cosmetics and the best available hardware finish off an installation that smacks of excellence throughout."

Hot Boat Magazine, May 1995

"Blessed is the Lavey Craft XTSKI step V, for it will satisfy recreational wakeboarder and water-skiers who crave custom craftsmanship. Lavey Craft's phenomenal build quality is abundant in the XTSKI step V. We're talking laser-sharp gelcoat graphics, flawless mold work and immaculate engine compartment rigging."

Powerboat Magazine, April 2002

Closed Bow OR Walk-Through Open Bow OR Mid-Cabin Open Bow

  • Hull design: ventilated step V
  • Overall/Centerline length: 25' 2"
  • Beam: 8' 2"
  • Standard fuel capacity: 80 gallons
  • Single engine
  • Approximate weight with engine and trailer: 5,500 lbs
  • In production since 2000
  • New feature added in 2015: full fiberglass floor liner
"The 24 NUERA ventilated step bottom combines a safe and comfortable big boat feel with precise sport boat handling. This award winning model is a high speed cruiser that is tame enough for skiing, wake boarding and family cruising ... who says you can't have it all?
The Lavey Craft 24 NUERA offers a lot of bang for the buck. It's a ball to drive, comes with a cabin and cockpit befitting a more-expensive boat and likely will smoke a lot of boats in your neck of the woods."

Powerboat Magazine, July 2001

"The boat's size and design give you an offshore feel, but the size is still comfortable for skiing and is still easily trailerable.
It is obvious that with 50 years of boat-building history behind them, the Camires were able to learn a thing or two about boat building. As with many things, there are always tradeoffs. The 24 NUERA, however, is able to do a lot of things right. A well-built, good-running boat with plenty creature comforts is always a winner. This boat is an award winner and we concur."

Family & Performance Boating Magazine, May 2002

Closed Bow OR Mid-Cabin Open Bow

Following the footsteps of the award winning 24 NuEra and 29 NuEra with the ventilated step bottom technology, the 26 NuEra rounds out the open water deep V series, which defines the full-sized West Coast sport boat movement.

  • Hull design: ventilated step deep V
  • Overall/Centerline length: 27'
  • Beam: 8' 6"
  • Standard fuel capacity: 80 gallons
  • Single engine
  • Approximate weight with engine and trailer: 6,800 lbs
  • In production since 2000
"When the weather and water turned nasty, the NUERA rose to the occasion and showed its mettle as a performance-oriented open water boat. Trimmed into the rough water, the NUERA cut right through it and felt absolutely solid as we knifed through a mixed bag of swells and boat rollers."

Hot Boat Magazine, January 2000

"There is an old saying among boat owners; the two best days of boat ownership are the first day you take delivery of it and the second best day is the day you sell it. Nothing could be further from the truth for James Ramos.
The day he sold his first 26-foot Lavey Craft NuEra, he was kicking himself wondering why he had just made the biggest mistake of his life.
After six months of itching and constant thinking, James plotted a new course and a new boat build and turned once again to Camire brothers at Lavey Craft. James claims to be Lavey Craft's toughest customer because he is such a perfectionist."

Hot Boat Magazine, April 2008

Closed Bow OR Walk-Through Open Bow

SPORT CATAMARAN OF THE YEAR - 2003 Award for Product Excellence by Powerboat Magazine.

  • Hull design: ventilated step cat
  • Overall/Centerline length: 27'
  • Beam: 8' 6"
  • Deadrise: 12 degrees
  • Cockpit depth: 40"
  • Standard fuel capacity: 84 gallons
  • Single I/O engine or twin outboard
  • Approximate weight with engine and trailer: 7,500 lbs
  • In production since 2000
"The SABRE is another classic Lavey in the making. Its finish is impeccable, its construction hard-core, and its lines and color work speak for themselves. It's a potent hot rod, but will also appeal to the family who wants something trick and custom that will accommodate the lake-going family."

Hot Boat Magazine, October 2002

"Designed and built by boaters, the SABRE is a sure-handling beauty that delivers the same comfortable driving response at high speeds and low."

Hot Boat Magazine, September 2004

"Why do we gush, year after year, about the care and craftsmanship that Lavey Craft puts into its boats? Because year after year, the quality is there. With mellow power, the 27 SABRE still ran more than 80 mph and handled nicely. The boat offered a spacious cockpit, a mid cabin that expanded its stowage capacity and an open bow that could handle four passengers. And yet all of that was overshadowed by the catamaran's incredible craftsmanship."

Powerboat Magazine, February 2006

Closed Bow OR Mid-Cabin Open Bow

Numerous times award winning, the 2750 NuEra rounds out our deep V series line up. Offshore, on the lake or at the river, the best way we can describe it ... solid!

  • Hull design: ventilated double step deep V
  • Overall/Centerline length: 28' 6"
  • Beam: 8' 6"
  • Cockpit depth: 36"
  • Deadrise: 24 degrees
  • Standard fuel capacity: 100 gallons
  • Single engine
  • Approximate weight with engine and trailer: 7,500 lbs
  • In production since 2002 - stepped hull upgraded in 2005
"We are the very happy owners of a 2010 Lavey Craft 2750 NuEra, which gets plenty of attention, considering we are in the Northeast where most people have never heard of Lavey Craft. Our particular boat is unique among Lavey Craft 2750’s in that I believe it is the only one that was constructed with Kevlar/Carbon Fiber by Chris and Jeff. Some of the pictures I have show this.  The boat was originally built with a 1000HP supercharged engine and had a top speed of over 100MPH. The boat today is powered by a 675 HP 540 cubic inch fuel injected engine with an Imco SC drive and easily runs 84 MPH.
We have owned the boat since November 2013 and could not be happier with it.  It is extremely well built, very fast for the power and has superb manners on the water regardless of conditions.
I did a LOT of research before purchasing this boat and it was on my very short list of custom built performance boats in its class. I have owned prominent brands such as Donzi, Cigarette, Baja and Sleekcraft, and I am someone who is far more intimate with the construction techniques and build quality of the boats, as I have owned many compared to the average person. I can tell you that my Lavey Craft 2750 is at the very top of my list by any measure."

Paul & Alicia, MA

"Looking at the notes from our test team on the Lavey Craft 2750 NUERA and terms like, 'straight', 'excellent', 'nicely done', 'clean' and 'well-executed' pop up again and again.
The build quality is top-notch and the attention to detail is evident. If you can figure out a way to afford an HP500EFI, do it. The Lavey Craft 2750 NUERA can handle it."

Powerboat Magazine, March 2002

"Lavey Craft doesn't just race its boats in Factory 1. The company allows its customers to live the dream."

Powerboat Magazine, January 2004

OUTSTANDING SPORT BOAT WORKMANSHIP AWARD 2004 - "It's tough to recall seeing a Lavey Craft that wasn't screwed together as tightly as a bank vault, in fact, we can't remember one."

Powerboat Magazine, June 2004

"From Key West to Lake Mead, Lavey Craft's 2750 NuEra has more than proven itself a capable performer, often running against bigger boats. In the offshore world championships, a 2750 NUERA had podium finishes in consecutive years racing against bigger boats. On the pleasure-boat side, the stepped hull can more than handle the big power and is comfortable at speeds up to 100 mph., so many customers prefer to upgrade to this model. It also helps that it's one of the finest-handling single-engine sport boats on either coast.
What sets the 2750 NUERA apart from other race boat builders is that Lavey Craft is one of the most respected custom builders on the West Coast, and that means all hand-laid laminates, exquisite mold work, creativity and talent that no other manufacturer offers. The president of the company, Jeff Camire, still sprays the gelcoat himself and is considered among the masters of the spray gun worldwide."

Family & Performance Boating Magazine, November 2004

Special German Edition

Closed Bow AND Open Top (Evo) OR Actuated Closed Cockpit with Removable Option (Evo-R)

Uses the same twin stepped hull as the award winning 2750 NuEra and race winning 28 Evo.

  • Hull design: ventilated double step deep V
  • Hull length: 28' 6"
  • Beam: 8' 6"
  • Deadrise: 24 degrees
  • Cockpit depth: 45"
  • Standard fuel capacity: 100 gallons
  • Single engine
  • Heated seats
  • Approximate weight with engine and trailer: 7,500 lbs
  • In production since 2006
"There truly is a family element to family performance boating these days, and the family-bred performance custom fleet is perfect for 99% of us. 
For the other percent, Lavey Craft has put a wickedly rebellious spin with the introduction of their new micro-production poker-run specialist, the 28' EVO, paired with the same step-bottom configuration that graces their open-air NuEra line. This competition-bred Lavey hurtles over to the other side of the tracks, which for cherished years have been occupied by Ferrari, Lambo and other pure-performance machines that have flipped convention and family protocol the big bird, and found an insatiable appetite among those of us who enjoy nothing more than the pure driving essence."

Hot Boat Magazine, July 2006

"With it's jaw-dropping looks and performance, Lavey Craft's new 28 EVO will make you look twice. With the plethora of quality boats from the best manufacturers in the West Coast custom game showing up at our Performance Evaluations day after day, we're not usually ones to gawk when a new boat rolls in on the trailer. That was until we saw the Lavey Craft 28 EVO. Not only did every member of our team stop and take notice when this exquisitely styled boat showed up, so did most of the other builders.
Top speed 97.6 MPH at 5500 RPM (Ilmor 710 single engine)"

Hot Boat Magazine, January 2008

New interior layout option allowing two forward facing bucket seats.

Lavey Craft incorporated their step bottom design with a center pod. Nothing was left out from this deck boat, from the completely interlined deck to it's massive storage capabilities, and the user-friendly seating and cockpit layout. Stability, ease of handling, comfort, planing and acceleration are effortless. 

  • Hull design: ventilated step cat
  • Overall/Centerline length: 28' 9"
  • Beam: 8' 6"
  • Cockpit depth: 39"
  • Standard fuel capacity: 100 gallons
  • Single engine
  • Approximate weight with engine and trailer: 8,000 lbs
  • In production since 2004
"With enough space for 12 people and all their gear, if you can't find the party, you can take your own private celebration along for the ride. The builder also loaded the boat with amenities so that no one on board will want for much beyond a longer weekend.
Naturally, the 28 Party Prowler reflected Lavey Craft's commitment to build quality - we expected no less. Cored with balsa, the hull and deck were vacuum-bagged. Tooling was smooth to the point of looking delicate, though the boat was anything but, and the gelcoat graphics were brilliant and exact. They even took time to coat the bilge with Durance and sanded it to a smooth finish."

Powerboat Magazine, August 2005

"Typical Lavey Craft workmanship; everything is outstanding.
This is a really attractive boat and Lavey Craft has done an outstanding job. The finish is nice and it's a really well put together boat. It's really a nice, big boat to drive over rough water and it doesn't throw you around like other boats. "

Hot Boat Magazine, August 2004

Closed Bow OR Mid-Cabin Open Bow

Factory 1 World Champion - 1999 Powerboat Magazine off shore boat of the year.

  • Hull design: ventilated double step deep V
  • Overall/Centerline length: 30' 6"
  • Beam: 8' 6"
  • Cockpit depth: 41"
  • Deadrise: 24 degrees
  • Standard fuel capacity: 150 gallons
  • Single or twin engine
  • Approximate weight with engine and trailer: 8,500 lbs
  • In production since 1999
"Lavey Craft's 29 NUERA offshore was designed right and built to take punishment. We loved the boat's maneuverability in calm conditions and got a thrill from its performance in the open ocean. With a little help from their friends, the Camires got everything right."

Powerboat Magazine, January 1999

SINGLE-ENGINE OFFSHORE BOAT OF THE YEAR - "What most impressed us about the 29 NUERA offshore were its handling manners and rough-water mastery."

Powerboat Magazine, June 1999

"Refined, tasteful, elegant and stylish inside. Every passenger area is exquisitely comfortable, including the roomy cuddy. Nice dash design. Lavey Craft's fiberglass work is among the industry's best, along with their gelcoat. Nice hardware selection."

Hot Boat Magazine, February 2002

"The 29 NUERA is the flagship of the model line. The cabin is spacious and includes a freshwater sink, two TVs and more. The cockpit features quality gauges and other components, grab rails, storage compartment and plus rear seat are just some of the nicest touches."

Family & Performance Boating Magazine, November 2002

Closed Bow OR Mid-Cabin Open Bow

  • Hull design: ventilated double step deep V
  • Overall/Centerline length: 32' 6"
  • Beam: 8' 6"
  • Cockpit depth: 49"
  • Deadrise: 24 degrees
  • Standard fuel capacity: 150 gallons
  • Twin engine
  • Approximate weight with engine and trailer: 11,000 lbs
  • In production since 2005
"With the Lavey Craft 32 NUERA, we had to make two zero-to-20-second runs because we didn't believe what our radar gun and stopwatch were telling us; from a standing-start, the stepped 32 footer hit 104 mph in 20 seconds. That couldn't be right. Turns out it wasn't. The second time around, the 32 NUERA which had a couple of 800HP fuel-injected supercharged engines, reached 105 mph. That was enough to leave our lead test driver and co-pilot giggling as if they were a couple of kids who'd just gotten away with something really cool.
From a standing start or already in motion, the 32 NUERA was a rocket. And yet the boat, which handled precisely and predictably, did not feel overpowered. Add to that its exceptional build quality and a strong array of creature comforts, and it's hard to find a twin-engine sport boat that can top it."

Powerboat Magazine, April 2006

"What a powerhouse! I give the Lavey very high marks. It's extremely well constructed, a real quality piece. I personally think that it's one of the highest-quality boats on the West Coast, if not the highest quality anywhere. The way they construct their boat is phenomenal."

Hot Boat Magazine, February 2006

Closed Bow

  • Hull design: ventilated triple step deep V
  • Overall/Centerline length: 39'
  • Beam: 8' 6"
  • Cockpit depth: info to be confirmed
  • Deadrise: 24 degrees
  • Standard fuel capacity: 200 gallons
  • Twin engine
  • Approximate weight with engine and trailer: 15,500 lbs
  • In production since 2008
"INSTANT CLASSIC - Lavey Craft's stunning new offshore V-bottom, the 39 EVO, is an absolute dream. Lavey Craft decided to jump into the true offshore V-bottom market with it's new 39 EVO, which resembled its race-inspired 28 EVO sibling with a half-canopy wraparound windshield. The triple-step V-bottom performed well on the Colorado River and featured Lavey Craft's trademark - outstanding craftsmanship.
A cool boat to say the least, it didn't just look like a sweet ride, it performed like one."

Powerboat Magazine, August 2008

"Lavey Craft's new 39 offshore V-bottom delivered stunning performance in mouthwatering style.
Lavey Craft rocked the race course first with their 2750 NuEra and then again with their 28 Evo. The company then took what they learned out on the course and applied it to their newest and largest model yet, a 39-foother. Perfection takes time, and it took Lavey Craft about two eyars to design and tool the new 39 Evo, both elements which are done in-house.
We can tell Lavey Craft spent a lot of time on their new model. From the flawless gelcoat, tooling, and fiberglass work to its astonishing performance, styling, and rigging, the new 39 Evo is everything we've come to expect from Lavey Craft. We loved the poker run feel while sitting in the cockpit and the amazing performance produced with the help of Mercury Racing. Lavey Craft simply blew us away with their precision craftsmanship and attention to detail."

Hot Boat Magazine, October 2008

"Lavey Craft picked this interesting time in history to release the biggest, fastest, most complex boat ever to wear the Lavey name badge, with the incredible 39' half canopy EVO. It is quite simply one of the finest performance boats ever to back down a ramp."

Performance Boats Magazine, March 2009