28 Party Prowler


Lavey Craft incorporated their step bottom design with a center pod. Nothing was left out from this deck boat, from the completely interlined deck to it's massive storage capabilities, and the user-friendly seating and cockpit layout. Stability, ease of handling, comfort, planing and acceleration are effortless. 

Hull DesignVentilated Step Cat
Seating CapacityDeck Boat, up to 16 people
EngineSingle I/O
Overall/Centerline Length28' 9"
Beam8' 6"
Cockpit Depth39"
Standard Fuel Capacity100 Gallons
Weight with Engine/TrailerApprox. 8,000 Lbs
In Production Since2004


2017 - Option allowing two forward facing bucket seats.



"With enough space for 12 people and all their gear, if you can't find the party, you can take your own private celebration along for the ride. The builder also loaded the boat with amenities so that no one on board will want for much beyond a longer weekend.

Naturally, the 28 Party Prowler reflected Lavey Craft's commitment to build quality - we expected no less. Cored with balsa, the hull and deck were vacuum-bagged. Tooling was smooth to the point of looking delicate, though the boat was anything but, and the gelcoat graphics were brilliant and exact. They even took time to coat the bilge with Durance and sanded it to a smooth finish."

Powerboat Magazine

"Typical Lavey Craft workmanship; everything is outstanding.

This is a really attractive boat and Lavey Craft has done an outstanding job. The finish is nice and it's a really well put together boat. It's really a nice, big boat to drive over rough water and it doesn't throw you around like other boats. "

Hot Boat Magazine