Special German Edition


Desert Storm 2018 street party - Chris Camire of Lavey Craft Motorsports speaking about Lavey Craft popularity in Germany.

Fantastic arial footage of the 28 Evo by Lavey Craft Motorsports.

Uses the same twin stepped hull as the award winning 2750 NuEra and race winning 28 Evo.


  • Hull design: ventilated double step deep V
  • Closed bow AND open top (Evo) OR actuated closed cockpit with removable option (Evo-R)
  • Hull length: 28' 6"
  • Beam: 8' 6"
  • Deadrise: 24 degrees
  • Cockpit depth: 45"
  • Standard fuel capacity: 100 gallons
  • Single engine I/O or twin outboards
  • Heated seats
  • Approximate weight with engine and trailer: 7,500 lbs
  • In production since 2006


"There truly is a family element to family performance boating these days, and the family-bred performance custom fleet is perfect for 99% of us. 
For the other percent, Lavey Craft has put a wickedly rebellious spin with the introduction of their new micro-production poker-run specialist, the 28' EVO, paired with the same step-bottom configuration that graces their open-air NuEra line. This competition-bred Lavey hurtles over to the other side of the tracks, which for cherished years have been occupied by Ferrari, Lambo and other pure-performance machines that have flipped convention and family protocol the big bird, and found an insatiable appetite among those of us who enjoy nothing more than the pure driving essence."

Hot Boat Magazine

"With it's jaw-dropping looks and performance, Lavey Craft's new 28 EVO will make you look twice. With the plethora of quality boats from the best manufacturers in the West Coast custom game showing up at our Performance Evaluations day after day, we're not usually ones to gawk when a new boat rolls in on the trailer. That was until we saw the Lavey Craft 28 EVO. Not only did every member of our team stop and take notice when this exquisitely styled boat showed up, so did most of the other builders.
Top speed 97.6 MPH at 5500 RPM (Ilmor 710 single engine)"

Hot Boat Magazine