Closed Bow OR Walk-Through Open Bow

SPORT CATAMARAN OF THE YEAR - 2003 Award for Product Excellence by Powerboat Magazine.

  • Hull design: ventilated step cat
  • Overall/Centerline length: 27'
  • Beam: 8' 6"
  • Deadrise: 12 degrees
  • Cockpit depth: 40"
  • Standard fuel capacity: 84 gallons
  • Single I/O engine or twin outboard
  • Approximate weight with engine and trailer: 7,500 lbs
  • In production since 2000
"The SABRE is another classic Lavey in the making. Its finish is impeccable, its construction hard-core, and its lines and color work speak for themselves. It's a potent hot rod, but will also appeal to the family who wants something trick and custom that will accommodate the lake-going family."

Hot Boat Magazine, October 2002

"Designed and built by boaters, the SABRE is a sure-handling beauty that delivers the same comfortable driving response at high speeds and low."

Hot Boat Magazine, September 2004

"Why do we gush, year after year, about the care and craftsmanship that Lavey Craft puts into its boats? Because year after year, the quality is there. With mellow power, the 27 SABRE still ran more than 80 mph and handled nicely. The boat offered a spacious cockpit, a mid cabin that expanded its stowage capacity and an open bow that could handle four passengers. And yet all of that was overshadowed by the catamaran's incredible craftsmanship."

Powerboat Magazine, February 2006