26 NuEra


Following the footsteps of the award winning 24 NuEra and 29 NuEra with the ventilated step bottom technology, the 26 NuEra rounds out the open water deep V series, which defines the full-sized West Coast sport boat movement.

Hull DesignDeep Ventilated Step V
Bow OptionsClosed Bow
Mid-Cabin Open Bow
EngineSingle I/O
Single Outboard
Overall/Centerline Length27'
Beam8' 6"
Standard Fuel Capacity80 Gallons
Weight with Engine/TrailerApprox. 6,800 Lbs
Seating Capacity6 to 10
In Production Since2000



"When the weather and water turned nasty, the NUERA rose to the occasion and showed its mettle as a performance-oriented open water boat. Trimmed into the rough water, the NUERA cut right through it and felt absolutely solid as we knifed through a mixed bag of swells and boat rollers."

Hot Boat Magazine

"There is an old saying among boat owners; the two best days of boat ownership are the first day you take delivery of it and the second best day is the day you sell it. Nothing could be further from the truth for James Ramos.

The day he sold his first 26-foot Lavey Craft NuEra, he was kicking himself wondering why he had just made the biggest mistake of his life.

After six months of itching and constant thinking, James plotted a new course and a new boat build and turned once again to Camire brothers at Lavey Craft. James claims to be Lavey Craft's toughest customer because he is such a perfectionist."

Hot Boat Magazine