24 NuEra


Hull DesignDeep Ventilated Step V
Bow OptionsClosed Bow
Walk-Through Open Bow
Mid-Cabin Open Bow
EngineSingle I/O
Single Outboard
Overall/Centerline Length25' 2"
Beam8' 2"
Standard Fuel Capacity80 Gallons
Weight with Engine/TrailerApprox. 5,500 Lbs
Seating Capacity6 to 10
In Production Since2000
New FeatureFull Fiberglass Floor Liner added in 2015


May 2018

The 24 NuEra handles like a sports car, yet is safe and smooth, filling the needs for the whole family. When Brian and Leanna came to Lavey Craft, they knew what they wanted - a complete package - and with a large amount of customer input and our expertise, that's what they got!

As for the gelcoat, Brian had some good design ideas, and it was nice to have Larry's help, the gelcoater, when Brian's scheme needed to be put in the mold. The boat looked great in our shop, but looks even better on the water.

When we started the interior, we weren't sure about the style Brian wanted, but with his ideas and the Lavey Craft team, once again, he got what works best for his family. Brian wanted very little green in the seats and opted for just a bit of it on the sides; well, it ended up being like a soft neon light effect. The look is not only unique, but very cool.

As for the motor package, Brian went with a MerCruiser 8.2 Mag HO and stern drive that pushes the boat from mid to high 70s mph.

At Lavey Craft, we strive to build what our customers dream. Thank you Brian and Leanna for letting us make your time off more enjoyable! This beauty resides in California, but keep an eye out for it on Lake Havasu.


Click here to see a 24 NuEra we built and shipped to the East Coast.

Click here to see a 24 NuEra we built and shipped to the East Coast.



"The 24 NUERA ventilated step bottom combines a safe and comfortable big boat feel with precise sport boat handling. This award winning model is a high speed cruiser that is tame enough for skiing, wake boarding and family cruising ... who says you can't have it all?

The Lavey Craft 24 NUERA offers a lot of bang for the buck. It's a ball to drive, comes with a cabin and cockpit befitting a more-expensive boat and likely will smoke a lot of boats in your neck of the woods."

Powerboat Magazine

"The boat's size and design give you an offshore feel, but the size is still comfortable for skiing and is still easily trailerable.

It is obvious that with 50 years of boat-building history behind them, the Camires were able to learn a thing or two about boat building. As with many things, there are always tradeoffs. The 24 NUERA, however, is able to do a lot of things right. A well-built, good-running boat with plenty creature comforts is always a winner. This boat is an award winner and we concur."

Family & Performance Boating Magazine