Lavey Craft has been in the racing scene even before the company started. In fact, racing is what gave Al Lavey the drive to make his hobby his career. Lavey started racing in the 1950's back when flat bottom boats ruled the waters. Winning every event possible and breaking records, it was time to move up.

In the early 90’s, when the Camires first purchased Lavey Craft, they started racing offshore in the 26 NuEra. After winning numerous races in that model, they knew they had something special. They then created the 29 NuEra which stomped the competition over and over again.

After a few years, a lot of research and testing, the 2750 NuEra was born! Once again, they crushed the competition winning back to back world championships. With the waters getting bigger and the racing getting faster, Lavey Craft designed their 28 Evo and raced in the Super Vee Light class. You guessed it, they won numerous races and titles!


Team Woody Racing are using the 28 Evo-R by Lavey Craft, and they won races on a regular basis!